PTSD and Suicide Among Veterans Is A Real Thing,

But It Doesn't Have To Be Your Identity...

We Have A Way Out!

More Than A Workout


Combat veterans are trained to survive in the field, no matter what you come against.  It's how we are built.

At Reps 4 Vets, you learn how to re-purpose that discipline as the key to fight against your invisible enemy.  Motivation is a feeling that comes and goes but discipline is a mentality that can be applied daily.

We provide structured fitness training, nutrition planning and mental conditioning to find that sense of purpose again that seems to have gotten lost.


Why We Started Reps 4 Vets...

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Hi, my name is Brendon Brown.

As a Combat Veteran I have suffered from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and have struggled with substance abuse. Through the gym I found a healthy place where I can find relief for my symptoms and have a sense of purpose again.

The gym saved my life and I started Reps for Vets to help save other lives.

Veterans deserve to have a positive place with people that understand them and where they can have a place to better themselves without any judgement.

I was one year out of the military and a year into my fitness journey when I got a phone call from a friends spouse.  She expressed to me her concerns of his drinking and her fear of divorce if he couldn’t change.

I knew how much he loved his family. I reached out to him and with his permission asked his unit if he could do his PT with me in the morning at the gym.

Coming to the gym with me for the next couple months helped him put down the bottle and his family is still together. The gym saved my life and watching my buddies family remain intact inspired me to start Reps 4 Vets. 

For Information On Donations, Volunteering or If You Are A Vet\Family Member 

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