Asking For Help Is Not
A Sign Of Weakness

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I medically retired from the United States Army after 8 years as a M1 Abrams Tank Crewman. I was taken by Medevac from Afghanistan after a 9-month deployment from having severe chest pain while on patrol just a couple weeks before coming home.

The doctors diagnosed me with a bicuspid aortic stenosis. They said I could not lift more than 20 lbs the rest of my life without heart failure and I would need open heart surgery. Unable to exercise I grew up to 41% body fat.

When I medically retired in the summer of 2016, I wanted to exercise to prepare for my potential heart surgery that had an estimated 6 months of recovery time.

It was at that time that I made the decision to work out on my own for the first time and dropped to 12% body fat.

At that 6 month point I had a required echo cardiogram and found that my condition was improving, and I never looked back.

After learning I was becoming healthier, I attended a 7-month course at the National Personal Training Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I was instructed by the former director of Fords wellness program for north America that had 14 years’ experience with Ford and 30 years’ experience in personal training field.

My goal was to learn for myself but through the program I realized I can help others and found my calling. - Brendon Brown

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